#WhatisSchool Questions

#WhatisSchool for October 27, 2016

Title: The Bully In Us All
Exploring the who, what and why of bullying

Introductions: Please introduce yourself and tell us if you agree or disagree that there is the potential for anyone to become a bully.

Q1: It’s been said that bullying is the tip of a larger iceberg. Do you agree or disagree? Why? 

Q2:  Are there others – besides the bullies and the bullied – who contribute to the problem? 

Q3: What are some of the challenges inherent in dealing with bullying? 

Q4: Do you feel the measures being taken to stop bullying are effective? Why or why not? l

Q5: What role do social-emotional skills play in prevention and intervention? 

Q6: How can we encourage students to become effective peer leaders who discourage bullying by modeling empathy and kindness? 

Challenge: Share some programs or projects that encourage a culture of mutual respect, tolerance and appreciation for differences.



















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