NPHC in Argentina

New Members of The Not Perfect Hat Club say, “Hellllooooo!”
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This joyful picture captures 50 fifth graders at Colegio Newlands School in Buenos Aires saying hello at the start of my virtual visit on September 12, 2017. The visit was the culmination of several months of reading, writing, and self-reflection as the kids worked their way through my book, The Not Perfect Hat Club. This was also the third year in a row that I have visited with students at the school, so there are now more than 150 members of the club spreading kindness, laughter, and creative chutzpah across Argentina.

There is a lot I can say about how the book and programs have evolved thanks to the feedback and support of teachers, parents, and students like those at Newlands, but I think I’ll let the kids’ work speak for itself. The one thing I will say is that their enthusiasm, questions, and creativity have given the story new and unexpected meaning for me. I have learned as much as I’ve taught, and for that I am grateful. Remember it’s ALWAYS best to be YOU!

Slam Poetry
One of the main characters in The Not Perfect Hat Club is a test-challenged skateboarder named Jabber. Although he has a hard time taking tests, Jabber is a gifted wordsmith and likes to challenge himself and his friends to write about topics and people that they are struggling with. One of the creative exercises in the NPHC program is to write a slam poem and share it on FlipGrid for others to enjoy. Watch and be amazed:

The Not Perfect Hat Club Song
At the conclusion of the book, students are invited to become members of the Not Perfect Hat Club by taking the kindness pledge and singing the NPHC song.  Here is a link to the lyrics:
Here is a link to the music (many thanks again to Robert Voigt for the melody):

Now Listen to the INCREDIBLE Versions Created by the Students at Newlands

Pretty darn amazing, right? I know the kids would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on their work so don’t be shy about chiming in.

Let’s Give Every Kid (and Adult) a Place to Hang a Hat!

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