Feedback1“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the work Jena Ball is doing with kids and Emotional Intelligence / Self Awareness. If you are in the giving spirit, give her a boost. It’s a great way to support art, literature and kids!”  – Allen Partridge

“Jena Ball is one of those people who you meet rarely in a lifetime. The ones who make a great impact on the way you are as a person. Jena is one of them. Heart of gold, empathetic to the needs of others, a celebrated author and someone whose focus is solely on the child being at the heart of the classroom. I have learnt from her that to make a difference, you have to be the change. Whether it is her stand against standardised testing or her focus on enabling children to be confident, creative learners who are not afraid of failure as part of Critterkin and the Not Perfect Hat Club, she is continuously involved in making education better for everyone. Thank You Jena for showing me that life is all about sharing and caring. That surely is the trick to making the world a better place.”  – Sunny Thakral, The British School in Kathmandu, Nepal

“Thank you for all you do.  This has been so successful with our students!” – Amy Baldridge, Teacher, Valley View School District

“CritterKin Rocks!”  – Mark E. Weston, Ph.D.

“Amazing Kids Changing the World! Learning at its BEST!” Monica Evon, Third grade teacher, Bellevue Elementary School, NE