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The very first #NPHCBlogIt Launched
November 2, 2015 and ended December 14th, 2015. Here is What Folks had to Say:

“I am so very impressed at the changed mindset of our students! Proud Principal!” – Vicki Lofton, Principal, Citrus County, Florida

“This has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in education. Jena, YOU are truly AMAZING and a very gifted writer. My students were glued to their spots on the floor every time I read to them, and they cheered like CRAZY when the story came to an end. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!” – Gloriann Heikes, 2nd grade teacher, Minnesota

“Unbelievable!  Never expected this to be so FABULOUS!  I’m totally hooked!!! Can’t wait to share with my students when they get here.” – Susan Wallace, 5th grade teacher


WHAT: A global blogging challenge for students between the ages of 6 and 12 and their teachers. We read, blogged and did a series of creative activities related to the themes in The Not Perfect Hat Club.

WHEN: The #NPHCBlogIt Challenge ran for six weeks and included 163 schools from 16 countries.

HOW: Each week consisted of:

– Two live author visits (one in North America and one for Austro-Asia) by the author. Visits included interactive readings from The Not Perfect Hat Club and creative activities  designed to encourage students to explore and share their thoughts about the themes in the book. The visits were recorded for those who could not attend and made available for everyone to watch.

– A slow Twitter chat in which one main question was presented and discussed under the hashtag #NPHCBlogIt. Teachers and students also used this hashtag to share their creative activities and chat with one another in general.

– A series of questions for students to discuss and write about in their blogs.

– Vocabulary

– Creative activities designed to help students reflect individually and collaboratively on the topics introduced that week, then share their responses across a wide range of media platforms. These included drawing (paper and tablets), singing, dancing, creating and performing selfie-poems, making videos,slideshows and photo albums.

– During the week teachers were asked to read an additional two chapters with their students with a goal of completing the book by the end of the six weeks.

– Individual classes were helped to partner with other classes so that they could comment on one another’s posts and share their creative exercises.

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