NPHCBlogIt Accolades

“Jena is a wonderful writer who touched our hearts forever!” – Gloriann Heikes, First grader teacher

“Jena, you did a wonderful job and I’m hearing great things from the schools.  I am watching the papers and will send you the article when it comes out.  You were a joy to have and I’m so happy our paths have crossed… I will plan on a return visit in the not to distant future.” – Paul Lessard, President, High Point Community Foundation, High Point, North Carolina

“This is my favorite, and the most eye opening thing you’ve ever done!!!!! What a valuable life lesson you helped these students learn!”  – Ashley Mercer Quinn

“Jena Ball gave us so much to work with, her heart is in this!” – Terry Stoufer, second grade teacher, Citrus County, Florida

“I can’t tell u how much ny students love . Some wear their hats daily!” – Cheryl McCroery, 2nd grade teacher, North Carolina

“I am so very impressed at the changed mindset of our students! Proud Principal!” – Vicki Lofton, Principal, Citrus County, Florida

“This has been one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in education. Jena, YOU are truly AMAZING and a very gifted writer. My students were glued to their spots on the floor every time I read to them, and they cheered like CRAZY when the story came to an end. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!” – Gloriann Heikes, 1st. grade teacher, Minnesota

“Thank you so much for the book. My seven year old loves it!” – Anamaria Knight, Senior Director, New Product Development at VIF International Education

“Hi Jena! Heard all about today’s Skype call. Several teachers told me about Caidin’s part before he even could and then he excitedly relayed his day, which was full of amazing things of which his chat with people from Greece, Canada, North Carolina and elsewhere was a super highlight. Thanks to you and Marty for all the positiveness and connecting you are doing!” – Christine Agro, parent of Poughkeepsie Day School 6th grader

“Some take away messages from the book that the students had were:
* we are all perfect the way we are – perfectly imperfect!
* we can all learn from others
* we can all make mistakes and make amends

All students agreed that it was an amazing book and that they would definitely recommend it to other people to read!  Be sure to check it out, and join us next year!”  – Kaarina Losey, 6th grade teacher

“You should talk to Jena Ball about her book! It’s an awesome project to include on this list.” -Barbara Johnson, Teacher Librarian

“Love Jena Ball. She is a wonderful author and connects with students.” – Mary Carlson, 2nd grade teacher, Virginia

“Jena, here’s our little video. Thank you for all your work and love you showed us!!” – Gloriann Heikes, 1st grade teacher, Minnesota

“You have a wonderful manner with kids and your virtual visits were a novel experience for them which am sure they will cherish for a long time.  Hope we can collaborate in the future.”  – Puja Kaura, 6th and 7th teacher, Mumbai India

“I can’t tell you how much my kids and I enjoyed NPHC blogit. I hope that you will do it again. I ordered Lead With Your Heart to read to my students after break but I will miss connecting with you and the other classes.” – Mary Carlson, 2nd grade teacher, Virginia

“You have touched many lives and I am sure your heart is full after this amazing day. You deserve every warm feeling you are holding!” – Terry Stoufer, 2nd grade teacher, Florida

“Congratulations on a job well done.” – Tammy Massman, 3rd grade teacher, Iowa

“We love you Ms. Ball!” – Miss Holland’s third graders and Mrs. Hargrave’s first graders.

“NPHCBlogIt was so much fun this AM with Jena Ball and Marty Keltz. You made our day.” – T.E. Hargrave, 1st grade teacher, Orange, Texas

“I have used the messages we got in NPHC for my final school speech! As I have always told your story, you and Marty´s support have been absolutely inspiring!” – Viviana Lopez, 5th grade ESL teacher, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I’m feeling a range of emotions! Sad to see this part of our journey over, yet excited to celebrate how far we brought them. It has been amazing and Jena words could never express my sincere thanks!” – Terry Stoufer, 2nd grade teacher, Florida

“Wow! This was an AMAZING experience this morning for third graders and for Students around the globe! Thanks Jena Ball!” – Meg Cernaro, 3rd grade teacher, Mexico, New York

“Being not perfect means… Beautiful – Broken – Both.” – Student at Charms School

“We read the last lines of the epilogue with a sigh that the book had ended. But, the impact lives on. We will make a difference!” – Terry Stoufer, 2nd grade teacher, Florida

“I have also enjoyed this project a lot! The high quality literature Jena offered, and the deep analysis we did, helped us grow as human beings! Thanks, and see you all soon ! Happy new year to all of you and to you sweet Jena!” – Viviana Lopez, 5th grade ESL teacher, Argentina

“Thank you Jena Ball for visiting our classroom this morning.It was great great great!” – Debby Call, 1st grade teacher, New York

The Not Perfect Hat Club is a chapter book about a not perfect dog. The author, Jena Ball, is amazing. She reaches out to Ss across the globe.” – Mary Carlson, 2nd grade teacher, Virginia

“I always see so many things about The Not Perfect Hat Club. You’re doing great things my friend!” – Justin Birckbichler, 4th grade teacher, Viriginia

“Thank you so much for this AMAZING opportunity!” Meg Cernaro, 3rd grade teacher, New York

“Sad to be finishing The Not Perfect Hat Club book by Jena Ball. Love spreading the message, though!” – Lisa Kincer, 3rd grade teacher

“Loved being able to connect the students live with Jena Ball during NPHCBlogIt.” – Craig Yen, 4th grade teacher, California

“I love Students are so engaged. So sad it is almost over.” – Mary Carlson, 2nd grade teacher, Virginia

“I don’t think will ever be really over! It made too much of an impact.” – Terry Stoufer, 2nd grade teacher, Florida

“This was truly an amazing global classroom experience for all! Thank you .” – Meg Cernaro, 3rd grade teacher, New York

“I just wanted to thank you for today’s virtual class.We all had a great time.Your project was fantastic.We ‘ll share videos and photos later this week. Of course, you are welcome to visit Greece and our school whenever you can. Greece is a great country and we would be really happy to have you with us!I can’t wait to see our video on you tube!!” – Christina Pakalou, 6th grade teacher, Greece

“We will miss you. Thanks for being a part of our lives. You have taught us so much through this wonderful experience.” – T.E. Hargrave, 1st grade teacher, Orange, Texas

“Hands down the best experience of being active on Twitter was meeting Jena Ball and Marty Keltz and bringing CritterKin to my Students.” – Erin Preder, Head Librarian

“The song is so very sweet! Pity we have no more lessons. Every class should sing and record! Imagine having classes translating the song! we could have it in many languages!!!” – Viviana Lopez, 5th grade teacher and ESL Coordinator, Buenos Aires, Argentina

“My class (myself included) LOVE The Not Perfect Hat Club song.” – Meg Cernaro, 3rd grade teacher, Conneticut

“How refreshing and exciting to hear a #growthmindset” developing in my students. Thank you Jena Ball and NPHCBlogIt!” – Terry Stoufer, 2nd grade teacher, Florida

“A wonderful book and global project!” – Shirley Rinaldi, teacher, Poughkeepsie Day School, New York

“we are LOVING the project!” Mrs. McCrorey, 2nd grade teacher, North Carolina

Wonderful book and global project!

“My kids love you and all of our new friends.” – T.E. Hargrave, 1st grade teacher, Orange, Texas

“The kids had great fun and we learned a lot!!!” – Debby Call, 1st grade teacher, New York

” LCE First grade loved drawing with Jena Ball. They didn’t want to stop drawing to go to PE.E.” – T.E. Hargrave, 1st grade teacher, Orange, Texas

“It’s my honour to become an “official” member of the NPCH! It’s an inspiring experience for teachers!” – Hamorn Lau, American International School, Hong Kong

“We LOVE Newton from the book The Not Perfect Hat Club!” – Debby Call, 1st grade teacher, Sherman Elementary, New York

“Sure was fun drawing Newton today! Thanks for the art lesson!” – Peggy Hale, technology coordinator, Little Cypress Elementary, Texas

“It was so much fun! The kids shared their pictures with their art teacher.” – Mary Carlson, second grade teacher, Virginia

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much they LOVED that visit!” – Terry Stoufer, second grade teacher, Florida

“Thank you Jena Ball and NPHCBlogIt for inviting us to this wonderful initiative.” Avnita Bir, R.N. Podar School, Mumbai, India

“I love the energy you have Jena. And the kids do too!” – Viviana Lopez, 5th grade teacher, Argentina

“Jena, it’s great to have authors connecting with their readers.” – Craig Yen, 5th grade teacher

“Watched the Video & LOVE it! Loud & Fun. Student from Argentina, Iowa, Virginia, Minnesota and Jena in North Carolina.” – Karin Lipert

“Our visit was amazing. Thank you for a awesome experience.” – Mary Carlson, 3rd grade teacher, Virginia

“I love wearing my “Not Perfect Hat” when reading this amazing book to my Students.” – Meg Cernaro, 3rd grade teacher, New York

“Super thankful for Marty Kelz and Jena Ball and their work on Critterkin and the experience.” – Craig Yen, 5th grade teacher, California

“I love the book The Not Perfect Hat Club. It is so cool. Bye for now.” – 4th grader in Auckland, New Zealand

“Big thank you to Jena Ball for helping me see there really is a place for every student to hang their hat in #NPHCBlogIt.” –  @GallianStone

“This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while! Learning across the globe!”  – Michael Ridout, Principal of Little Cypress Intermediate School

“Amazing! I love it. #NPHCBlogIt is changing the world one perfectly not perfect kiddo at a time!” – Karly Moura, TOSA (Instructional Coach and Edtech Support Teacher) at Sun Terrace Elementary School

”Chapter 2 of The Not Perfect Hat Club is the best description of LEARNED HELPLESSNESS I’ve ever seen! This book is a treasure!” – Teacher of students with severe special needs.

“The Not Perfect Hat Club is awesome! ” – Erin Preder

“Only three chapters in and my students are hooked!” – Stacey Brown

“My Students said,”READ MORE!” Love!” – Gloriann Heikes

“Being okay with who we are > opening the door to hope and possibility >> thank you @JenaiaMorane (Jena Ball) and @Martysnowpaw (Marty Keltz). It’s such a powerful example and movement.” – Greg Curran

“It is important work that needed to come to the surface, I am forever grateful.” – Terry Stoufer, 2nd grade

“Our 3rd graders are loving ” Karly Moura, 3rd grade teacher

“You have really organized this so much more professionally than any curriculum I have ever used. I love that it is global too.”  – Susie Reilly, 4th grade teacher



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