Links for Teaching The Not Perfect Hat Club Song

The first link will bring up the page with four versions of the song. The default track is a vocal. Soundcloud will just cycle through all the versions, but you can also interrupt the cycle and select the track you want to hear.

NPHC Theme W Vocal  

This is the complete final track with female vocal. Meant to play for advertising purposes, for teaching sessions or entertainment.

NPHC Theme Phrase By Phrase This is essentially a teaching track designed as call and response- phrase by phrase. Each phrase is sung independently… echoed by the same phrase melody so the learner can practice-repeat it.

NPHC Theme Instrumental Only W Lead Flute   This track is meant to lead a singer or choir in initial learning as it offers a prominent flute highlighting the melody.

NPHC Theme Instrumental Only   This is the instrumental track for the Not Perfect Hat Club theme. Meant to accompany a singer or choir in performance.

Refrigerator Magnet

NPHC Sheet Music1

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