Host a Not Perfect Hat Day 

Hosting a Not Perfect Hat Day at your school is a wonderfully creative way to spread the message that all kids are uniquely and perfectly Not Perfect. One day of the week is designated as “Not Perfect Hat Day.” On that day, all students are encouraged to wear a Not Perfect Hat to school and pay $1.00. Funds raised can be used to support Not Perfect Hat Club activities at your school or a worthy organization (shelter, rescue group, food bank, etc.) in your community.

Get Creative – Make Hats!

Making Not Perfect Hats is simple, fun and another potential way to raise funds to support the Not Perfect Hat Club campaign. Using the simple instructions in the link below, students work together to not only make their owns hats, but create additional hats for the student body to purchase. Materials, such as fabric, yarn, scissors and decorative add ons are affordable and readily obtained at craft stores. Click HERE to get instructions and suggestions as well as see the beautiful hats students have already made.

Raise Funds – Sell Hats

Let the rest of the student body know that they can purchase Not Perfect Hats from the students in your class and designate a time and place where they will be available approximately a week prior to the Not Perfect Hat Day celebration. Some students, who are handy with a sewing machine, have even taken custom orders!  This is a great way for students to learn about the basics of manufacturing and selling a product as well as have the satisfaction of seeing their handiwork worn by their classmates. Click HERE for more information and suggestions.

Pass the Hats Along to Other Kids and Schools

Arrange to teach other classes and students how to make the hats and about the process you went through to create the Not Perfect Hat Day. Share your creative ideas and experiences, and learn something about how other students, cultures and countries. Get creative! Click Here to learn more.

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