We are proud to announce that Lead With Your Heart is being featured by PACER!  For every book sold, CritterKin will donate $1 to PACERs National Bullying Prevention Center.  Order from their book club today: www.pacer.org/bullying/resources/book-club.asp

To learn more about the teaching materials and projected based learning (PBL) activities CritterKin offers, please visit: http://critterkin.com/pbl-be-kind/

To download an order form you can send home with your students, please click HERE.

The CritterKin books use entertaining and engaging stories to teach kids important emotional skills such as empathy, compassion and kindness.  Each story in the books is told through the eyes of one of the eight dogs in the CritterKin pack, and offers fun and funny insights into human behavior as seen through the eyes of canines.

When combined with CritterKin’s project based learning activities and teaching materials, they are an ideal way to teach practical, real-world skills while empowering students to make a difference.

There are currently four books in the CritterKin series:

The Not Perfect Hat Club – Based on the life of Newton, a purebred golden retriever who failed in the show ring, The Not Perfect Hat Club chronicles his journey from being abandoned at the animal shelter to finding a new home, a new job, and a new understanding about what is means to be not perfect.

Poco a Poco – The tale of how a mother dog and her puppy, who have been abandoned at a garbage dump, are rescued and find a forever home thanks to the kindness of  of strangers (based on a true story).

Meet the Mutts – Introduces each of the eight dogs in the CritterKin pack and their goofy but lovable pack leader, Ms. Jenaia.

Lead With Your Heart – Told through the eyes of a misunderstood black pit bull,  this story follows the adventures of Lance and his best friend Reny as they tackle bullies, prejudice and fear by leading with their hearts.