Kids Weigh In – Part I

“Kids Weigh In,” is a a series of blog posts by students from around the world who are participating in CritterKin’s Not Perfect Hat Club project.  In the spirit of the Not Perfect Hat Club mission – to give every kid a place to hang a hat – we will be sharing the many and varied ways participants express their understanding of what it means to be perfectly Not Perfect. Want to start your own Not Perfect Hat Club project? Contact:


Part I – Brent International School in the Philippines

So proud of my 5th grade students as they describe what it’s like to be perfectly not perfect. Love the creativity they illustrated in the drawings they created in Google Drawing. They learned that it is okay not to excel in everything. We all have unique qualities to offer and that’s perfectly not perfect.

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“Someone” (she’s just one of those people who’s never my favorite)

problems (not the math ones,the other ones they say)



basicly everything

basicly everyone

the ”Someone” (needs to be mentioned twice)

It’s ok to be imperfect (though this ”Someone” is WAY too much) because there IS something you are really tops at. Like one of the people I met is great at chess but not so great at drawing. Everyone is  imperfect anyway. Everything is.  So it’s actually perfect to be imperfect!


Not Perfect by Nasif A.


  • Fails
  • Ok
  • Not the best
  • Normal
  • Not good at sport


  • Not the worst or not the best
  • Not awesome
  • hope
  • Not the first
  • Not so smart

I think being not perfect means to me is ok, when they fails a lot of time, not really the best, always stay normal,  not really good at sports, not so smart or not so best, not so awesome, always hope, not the first, the last not so smart .













I realized even if there are a lot of things I am good, at there are things that I just can’t get good at such as tennis. I’m really good at badminton but whenever I try tennis I just end failing, which I don’t always mind, but gets annoying. In basketball I’m good at shooting the ball, but I keep on fouling or doing something wrong. Baseball, I’m really bad at baseball. Whatever I do, I can only catch the ball, but whenever I try and hit the ball I miss. Once I hit the baseball directly on my finger, and it was ouch for one month. I’m not that bad at swimming, but all I know how to do is freestyle and backstrokes. My handwriting is horrible. I can cook, but I just don’t do it as good as others. Filming is hard for me because my hands are really shaky and I can’t hold it straight. I’m really bad at acting because I have stage fright.Sprinting I can do, but not very fast or far. Coding I just don’t know how to do. So even if your bad at a lot of things there is always something you’re good at.


Not Perfect by Valerios M.

  1. Ok.
  2. Not the best.
  3. Normal.
  4. Fails.
  5. Not awesome.
  6. Not the worst or the best.
  7. Does not success.
  8. Gets normal grades.
  9. Is not so smart.
  10. Not the first

For me being not perfect means to be ok. To be normal.

To be not the best. To fails a lot. Not Awesome or fabulous. Not being the first or the worst. Somebody who does not success. Somebody who gets normal grades like B. Somebody who is not so smart. And the last is somebody who is not the first.

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