The Steam Punk Kid!


Chloe-Working on Hat1

Just for fun, I’m making a steam punk top hat and wanted to share it with YOU!  Here are the steps of the hat making.  I’m not done yet so more steps and pictures will come again soon.

1. Get a top hat template online. Choose one with a cool tutorial video like this:

Top Hat pattern1

Click the image above to see the tutorial

2. Measure your head to get the right hat size

3. Cut out the pattern to be the right size

4. Trace your patterns on a yoga mat (I used a camping mat -worked great but the pattern had to be adjusted due to the thickness)

5. Cut them out with a VERY sharp knife (if you are a kid like me, get your Mom or Dad to help you)

6. Glue the pieces together with contact cement (NOT Rubber Cement) to create the top hat (the pattern will tell you how they fit together)

7. While my camping mat did not require the hairdryer trick in the video to bend the brim, you may need this step if you use another type of foam for the base of the hat

8. Cut craft foam into squares, rectangles, and other shapes and glue to the top hat with contact cement

Here is a picture of my project so far….



Painting the Top Hat

Chloe-Painting HatToday my project transformed.

I started to see my SteamPunk Top Hat look like a Top Hat and less like a multi-colored toy. I applied two coats of black paint to the foam and rivets and quickly it started to look like metal pieces that had been riveted to the hat.

In the picture to the right you can see me painting my hat with black paint.  It is really cold here in Texas right now, so I was wearing my penguin hat from SeaWorld.  The penguin’s name is Benjamin.

So my ears are warm, my hat is starting to look cool.




Steam Punk Hat Done!

I. AM. DONE. Okay, It was fun…. but when it was all said and done, it was a lot of work! For instance, we made a hat that did NOT fit me whatsoever and we had to make a whole new hat! It’s not a piece of cake… I wish it was, ’cause I’m hungry. But, I love looking at it ’cause it makes me feel good, and I’m like, ” Yeah, I did that. ” Well, onto my next adventure : ).

Chloe-Video of her making hat

Click the image above to play Chloe’s video of how she made her hat


About Chloe
Chloe is a 5th grade student in Texas and loves to make things! She has recently taken on several Maker projects and is very excited about creating. She has learned quite a few lessons in the process and not always “getting things right the first time” is one of the biggest!

She loves all subjects in school but especially reading and writing. When not making things, Chloe also really enjoys playing outdoors and catching up with her friends.

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