Kendra Grant – A Wonderful Tail

Kendra and Visa

“A wonderful “tail” of how the Not Perfect Hat Club began. Told from the point of view of Newton, the not perfect show dog, this gentle story of friendship and acceptance, and pride in being not perfect is a terrific story that will appeal to both boys and girls. Definitely a series in the making!

As a teacher, I can just imagine reading The Not Perfect Hat Club (with my Not Perfect hat on) to a group of eager students, who at the end of each chapter loudly plead, “Please Mrs. Grant, don’t stop there! We HAVE to know what happens next!”
As the characters, both dog and human interact, and have adventures…and misadventures, there are plenty of opportunities to talk about how words and actions affect those around us and affect how we see ourselves. Seen through the eyes of a dog whose nose is too big and his coat the wrong color, there are many opportunities for easy discussion and follow-up activities. Children are bound to see themselves, or someone they know, in one of the characters, whether it’s Cooper the bully or Kylee the perfectionist or Newton the not perfect dog. The story is capped off by Ms. Ball’s beautifully detailed drawings. These images bring the characters to life, especially the dogs with their toothy grins and high flying fur.
In the final chapters, as the Not Perfect Hat Club is born; its song and pledge shared, be prepared for the children in your care to ask “What about us?” “Can’t we join too?” And once they do, they’ll want to know when Newton’s next adventure begins.”              – Kendra Grant VP of Business Development, Vizwik
P.S. From Visa: “I had so much ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ reading this book I could bark for joy! But I do want you to know that not all Aussies are ‘Mean, Mean, Mean’ like Cooper.”

                                                                                                                – Visa the Australian Sheppard (and my not perfect ear and hat)

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