What You Need to Make Hat1A


Not Perfect Hats come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. Some are made of yarn, others of paper and still others of metal and plastic. We’ve seen them crocheted, knitted, folded, sewn, glued, tied and fastened with safety pins. Whatever works for you to express the way you are perfectly Not Perfect is just fine with us.

We will say, however, that making hats with your kids to wear and sell to raise funds for the Not Perfect Hat Club campaign can be both rewarding and educational. There’s nothing like a discussion of cost of materials, labor and marketing to get your kids thinking about and using math and writing skills.

Consider taking orders and/or making extra hats available to students at least a week prior to the Not Perfect Hat Club Day. Some schools set up a booth or table in the cafeteria  where the hats can be displayed and orders can be taken.

Some schools have also asked for fabric and notion donations via their Facebook pages.

The simplest and most charming version of a Not Perfect Hat that we’ve made is described below. Have fun and please share images of your hats

How to Make a Simple Not Perfect Hat


  • 1 yard of fleece (1 yd = 2 hats)
  • Colored yarn (matching or contrasting the color of the fleece)
  • Scissors
  • Tape measurer
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Assorted decorations: glitter glue, sequins, fabric pens, etc.

Use tape measurer to measure the size of your head. Measure the same number of inches along the edge of your fabric, then measure up the side the same number of inches. Use your scissors to cut out a square. Sew the two sides together to make a tube. Tie the top of the tube three inches from the top with some yarn or an extra piece of fabric. Cut the top three inches into strips to form the top of the hat. Fold the bottom of the hat up to create a brim. Get creative and add decorative elements like sequins and glitter glue.