Teach Life Skills & Empower Kids to Make a Difference

The beauty of a Not Perfect Hat Club (NPHC) fundraiser is that it gives kids an engaging and educational way to make a difference.  In order for the campaign to be a success, they will need to learn the basics of:

Planning: Students work with teachers and administration to decide on a day to host the fundraiser, then plan ways to get the word out and activities for the actual day.

Allocation of Jobs and Scheduling: Who will do what and when to not only get hats made but promote the Not Perfect Hat Club Day?

Communication and Promotion: Students will need to inform other students, teachers and parents about the event and the details of how it will work. This will require not only writing but the creation, printing and handing out of promotional materials.

Ask Your Community for Support
The Not Perfect Hat Club is a great opportunity for students to support a great project and learn practical real life skills that will benefit their communities. Businesses that support their efforts get great PR (supporting kids and education is good for business) and are investing in the future of their business and community.

Consider writing a letter using one of the Not Perfect Hat Club templates below to local businesses and organizations asking for their financial support. They could help purchase materials to make hats or better yet pay for one of the rewards (a set of books for the library or visits by Ms. Jenaia?) being offered on our campaign page.  In the example given below from Deb Aubin, the letter was written by the teacher, but there is no reason your students couldn’t include their own notes. It’s a great chance to talk about persuasive writing and to practice important communication skills!

Click HERE to see sample letter and get templates

Hat Creation: Measuring and buying fabric, creating a pattern, assembly, decoration and inventory management. How many hats should the students make? Should they take pre-orders? Can they do price comparisons on fabric and other materials needed? Can parents or others students be invited to donate materials?

How and Where to Sell Hats: Students will work with teachers and administration to decide on where and how to sell the hats. For example, one class set up a table in the cafeteria where hats were available for sale during lunch. Another created a hat tree (kindly made by the woodworking class), which was set up in the hallway beside the NPHC bulletin board. Hats were hung on the tree and sold at the beginning and end of the day a week before the event.

Collecting Money: How will the students collect the money (for example in decorated coffee cans and/or shoeboxes) and store it for safekeeping?

Additional Activities: What else could be done to make the Not Perfect Hat Club Day a lot of fun for everyone? Here are some suggestions:

– Hold a contest to choose the funniest, most colorful, strangest hats of all. Hold an assembly to hand out prizes or announce the winners over the PA system

– Take pictures of each of the students in front of the Not Perfect Hat Club Bulletin board

– Make videos of students singing the Not Perfect Hat Club song to share

– Set a Goal! Share the rewards that are available with the students, then vote on which rewards to sign up for with the money raised.  The more money the better the rewards. Post daily updates on the progress of the campaign.

CritterKin Will Help!

Once you have your campaign details figured out, contact Karin Lippert (Karin.Lippert76@gmail.com). She will send you stickers, a template for a promotional flyer, and copies of the NPHC song lyrics and melody. She can also work with you to get publicity for the event.

Contact Karin Lippert via email: Karin.Lippert76@gmail.com or Phone: (647) 478-5618