About Brian and Johanna

“I don’t need your help on this one because if I FAIL it’s my First Attempt In Learning!” – Student

Brian Host and Johanna Lloyd are year 2 teachers who love inspiring children to be their selves and become the people they were created to be.

Brian is a passionate learner, family man and educator. He is a classroom teacher and has been working in the role of a ICT Integrator and Learning Coach for the past three years. Johanna is Stage Co-ordinator and advocate for professional learning. They are particularly interested in how schools are changing in order to accommodate the needs of today’s learners. They are excited about the possibilities digital technologies offer both teachers and learners, making learning more meaningful, differentiated and individualised. They are both well-known for their dedication to education through Social Media and experiential learning. Brian and Johanna are always looking for new and exciting ways to blend learning with technology to provide a rich learning environment for students to thrive. hardware and programmes. They are particularly focusing on pedagogy to support their student’s achievement and self worth.